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How compliant are you?
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Is your AB&C compliance regime fit for purpose? Are you ahead of the game or trailing behind the pack? If the prosecutor comes knocking at your door do you have adequate procedures in place so that your company has a defense?

Give your company's compliance program a quick health check by taking our anonymous five minute AB&C self-assessment test.

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Our research reports

Every company must decide where to set the bar for its compliance program. We interviewed over 600 chief compliance officers, heads of legal or equivalent at the world’s largest multinational companies to explore the biggest challenges for AB&C compliance and how they are over coming them.

Our research explores the role of the CEO, how multinationals are balancing profits with prevention and how compliance programs are being implemented globally. 

One thing is clear – the pressure for growth is increasing and as companies push forward into riskier markets so is the regulatory burden. But in this environment is AB&C compliance getting the attention it deserves?

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Using third parties is one of the biggest bribery and corruption risks facing compliance teams today. As companies continue to increase their use of third parties year on year, regulators and enforcement agencies have sharpened their focus on the duties of corporations to prevent bribery and corruption by their third parties.

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Identifying Bribery and Corruption risk in the context of M&A transactions and private equity investments is key to ensuring the value of the acquisition. Companies will busy themselves with due diligence on tax, antitrust, intellectual property and other asset or industry specific areas. But if the company you are after is fundamentally corrupt you may be acquiring nothing but a liability.

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Our compliance guide

One of the key challenges for your compliance team is assessing whether your compliance program goes far enough.

Our compliance benchmarking model provides a means of assessing your own program against our experience of a broad range of programs. You can use the guide to assess whether your program is basic, intermediate or advanced. 

Read a sample by downloading the first chapter or request the full copy.


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Video library

Crispin Rapinet, Global Head of Investigations, White Collar and Fraud at Hogan Lovells talks about some of the key findings from our research report, Steering the Course.

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Is your anti-bribery & corruption (AB&C) compliance regime fit for purpose? Are you ahead of the game or trailing behind the pack? Come and meet our team of investigations, white collar and fraud lawyers at either of our numerous events across Europe, Asia and the Americas. Our speakers will address the biggest challenges companies face, and where the biggest weaknesses lie, including the significant impact of the 'tone from the top' and the challenges of implementing AB&C programs globally.

For further information on either of our client events worldwide, please contact

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