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The Ultimate Compliance Challenge

Ethical Blindness

Event date: 19/10/2016

As compliance programs become ever more sophisticated, one key challenge remains – how to avoid “ethical blindness” within your organisation.
It is often assumed that bad things are done by bad people. But employees with a high level of integrity in certain situations will misbehave. They make a bad decision but do not realise it. This is known as ethical blindness. This happens when the working environment creates psychological forces that drive employees in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, most compliance programs are not well equipped to manage such risks.
So how do you ensure that this does not happen? First you need to understand those psychological forces.
We will be joined by Guido Palazzo, who is Professor of Ethics at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. He is the leading expert in the area of ethical blindness. Guido has specialized both in the theory and practice of ethical blindness. He has worked with many companies such as Siemens and VW as well as NGOs and top officials of the Chinese Communist Party.
Hogan Lovells commissioned a report which identifies the challenges of implementing anti-bribery compliance programs at large multi-nationals. Over 600 chief compliance officers in some of the world's largest companies across Europe, the US and Asia identified one of their biggest challenges – how to balance the push for growth and profit against the need to stay compliant. The majority reported a culture of "profits over prevention" in their organisation.  Steering the Course – Navigating Bribery and Corruption Risk is a great way to see how your company fares against others in the market, and we will be discussing further key findings at the event.
Guido will analyse the outcomes of this report in the context of ethical blindness. What is the impact on tone from the top? As a practical challenge how do you implement a compliance program across all the markets with their myriad of cultures and notions as to what amounts to improper behaviour? Guido will take us through how to understand the psychological forces at play, and help you navigate the pitfalls of ethical blindness.

Places for this event are limited; please be sure to secure your place by registering here.

Who should attend?

• Chief compliance officers
• General Counsel
• Executive Board members and senior management
• Non-executive directors

Date and Time

19 October 2016 – 17:00


Hogan Lovells
Atlantic House
Holborn Viaduct


Crispin Rapinet
Global Head of Investigations,
White Collar and Fraud

Professor Guido Palazzo
Professor of Ethics